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14 14 14 is likely t more hawkish than under an obama presidency. >> let's talk a little bit about whether there is any possibilities should there be a romney victory that he would begin nudging him out above his term ends in 2014. >> he can't force him to resign. it is a voluntary thing that bernanke would do. dose have the ability in 2014 appoint the chairman an vice chairman and another member, beginning already actually. but the thinking is whether or not there is a war of words. and steven stanley, the economist steven stanley, doesn't think that bernanke would win that. he said, "the fed chairman could resist the pressure, could trigger a -- potentially triggering an ugly standoff. in that standoff bernanke would have the low cards. >> bernanke wouldn't want to politicize the fed but one wonders whether bernanke, knowing that mr. romney has said i'm not going to reappoint you, whether mr. bernanke would say some time in 2013, okay, i'm going to step down and give you the chance to appoint somebody now. >> so bernanke would be urged by people who know the fed and love the fed
economy. >> worse news on the economy is bad news for president obama. this is one of the reasons why mitt romney has risen in the polls lately is that he has retaken the edge over president obama over who can best deal with the economy. i am skeptical that even high-profile cuts like this are going to change attitudes that have been baked in to the american electorate for quite some time. we saw recently that we got good news on the unemployment rate. went and fell below 8%. that didn't really move the needle all that much, just as bad jobs reports before didn't move the needle. i think this is certainly not what president obama wants. it is something that has the potential to help mitt romney but we haven't seen much evidence of it so far. >> this morning's news on jobless claims, not so bad. improvement there. news on housing has been better. so there are signs that the economy may be -- or at least parts of it may be improving. but let's talk about the fiscal cliff and this push by some 80 ceos, among many different pushes, to get this solved. what are you hearing from your sources abo
. >>> sue, get ready for round three. president obama, governor romney gearing up for their third and final make or break debate. this time focusing on foreign policy. it comes as a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows the two men in a dead heat, a tie. john harwood live at the debate site in boca raton, florida. >> reporter: tyler, it is 47%-47% among likely voters which tells you that turnout is going to be everything in this race. one of the functions of these debates is for each candidate to energize their side and pump up turnout. we saw that successful first debate that mitt romney energized republicans in a very major way. president obama did that to some extent among democrats in the second debate. but i want to talk a little bit about what has gotten the two sides to this tie. obama's been leading for the last several months. he had a three-point lead in mid-september but two things have happened to get mitt romney up to 47%. the first thing is he's re-asserted his edge on handling the economy. that was tied in september. now he leads obama 46%-40% on who would be better a
, housing, might get pushed to the back burner. our next guest wrote an open letter to president obama and governor romney asking why housing is not front and center of the campaigns. "considering the depth of these debates and the months of political advertisements in this campaign, it is discouraging that there has not been serious discussion about housing. as leaders, you ignore housing at our peril. the remax chairman and co-founder who wroelt that jote us now on the program. thank you for joining us, dave limit niger. we know housing is important. people know housing is important. are you asking for two specific things. one is that they don't eliminate mortgage interest reductions. they don't eliminate that tax break. why in your view when the country can't afford what it's doing should there be an entitlement still for those that have mortgages when there isn't an entitlement or tax rebate for renters. why should renters subsidize mortgage holders? >> well, the tax deduction has been there for over 50 years to encourage home ownership. the problem we've got is we've just gone thr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4